IdiomaX Translation Suite

IdiomaX Translation Suite 7.0

A fast and useful suite to translate files to and from different languages
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Translation of documents is a difficult task, especially when one needs to translate a great number of texts on a regular basis. IdiomaX is a suite that helps you to perform this task in a very easy and fast manner.

The program has several functions, all of them very useful. First, you can translate to and from English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Also, it has a Window translator, which captures the content of your screen and translates it only when a button is clicked. Also, you can translate documents automatically just by selecting them and opening the Document Translator function, which allows you to upload a word processor file and translate to any of the available languages. The program also has an application in which you can enter or copy-paste the word or phrase you want to translate, The program will present the translation to the chosen language. It also has a MS Word menu, that is embedded in the program's toolbar.

Although the translations aren't 100% accurate, they are pretty decent. Nevertheless, if you use it to translate documents that will be published, then you will need to proofread them to guarantee their precision.

If you need to translate many documents in a variety of languages, then you may want to try it.

You can use the shareware version of the program during 30 days. If you find it useful and intend to keep using it after that period, then you will need to purchase a license.

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  • Texts are quite accurate
  • Fast


  • Not very affordable
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